04.21.16Joe Salinas

Hey Justin...Dig your music!...your alto sax playing sounds wonderful!...I too was born in Corpus, but our family moved to Calif when I was around 5 or 6, to Los Angeles, than to a border town, and I'm back in LA...so I don't remember alot of Corpus, but one day I'd like to go check it out!
You don't hear too many people from Corpus, at least I haven't...was surprised when you said you were born in Corpus...from your interview with JazzMonthly.com.

Have you ever heard of Dilley? I'm guessing yes, anyways, my grandfather/grandmother were from there...I also started on alto sax, and now play it along with tenor sax.

Just wanted to say, "Hi", and it's cool that you made it Big Time, and you're from Corpus!...Take Care Justin!...Joe.

06.30.15Andy Brush

Hey Justin,
Hope all is good?
Your music and playing has totally blown me away.
The most exciting music to come along in a good while.
Can't stop playing Triptych cd...... Just beautiful bro.
Can I buy some charts please?

Let me know

Best wishes

Andy Brush (UK)

11.24.14David Sear

Chart for 'Fields'

10.30.14Zach Nixon

Hey Justin, was hoping I could get charts for "One and Only." Really dig your music man!

05.01.14Fabian Hernandez

Hey Justin...My name is Fabian Hernandez...Ive met u a couple times at One2One in Austin. Im a great frend of ady.Anyway Ill cut to the chase.I love what your doing on your horn. Id like to see if I could reach u for skype lessons. Ive been on the road since 18 and never went to school for music...There is a shit ton a gaps in my playing and If u have the time Id love to listen & learn. At your convenience lets me know if yiu have the time...Thanks Justin...look forward to learning from you


Hey Justin,

Out of complete curiosity, I'm wondering what serial numbers your alto and soprano are. You sound beautiful man. Hope to catch you sometime in NYC.


01.03.14Nicholas Galanos

Hi Justin, I would like to purchase a few charts, namely \'Triptych,\" \"One and Only,\" and \"Fields.\" I plan on performing \"One and Only\" on my graduate recital this spring.

11.17.13Nolan Byrd

Stella, Triptych, and Fields

09.14.13Devin McDaniel

Hi Justin, how much do you charge for Skype lessons? Much thanks, Devin

04.14.13alex gol

Hello Justin,

Iwould like to buy the score of the tune that is sounding in the minute 1:36 of this youtube video

please let me know where i send you the money and if you can send me the score to my e mail.

thanks a lot.

03.05.13John Awrey

I would like to purchase the cart for Triptych, as well as Nimbus.

11.13.12Daniel Wallace

hey, I was hoping I could schedule a skype lesson (I'm in Baltimore, MD and it's difficult for me to get up to NY).

Anyway I'm mainly a tenor player and I wanted to work on my alto sound and on straight 8th playing. I also wouldn't mind getting some new harmonic ideas either.


09.17.12Alex Leon

Hi! I live in Moscow and study saxophone at Gnesin music academy, I like your music alot. I would like to have your arrangement on Stella by starlight from Triptych, how can I get it?
Alex Leon

07.31.12J immy Juan

Dear Justin ,

I am a fan of jazz music and saxophone, so I knew you are a professional alto saxophonist and very glad to learn some information from your official web-side.

May I ask you a few question about which mouthpiece do you always use in your gigs and studio? Do you also use metal mouthpiece as I observed that most jazz alto sax players use hard rubber mouthpiece?

Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for your response.

Best Regards,


07.25.12Herman Tu

Hi I would like to purchase the chart for Stella By Starlight.


I link sound you play similar Kenny garrett. I like the first album you.I ask score in the The first album Please.Thank you.

06.12.12Nick Brust

Hey Justin,
I am a huge fan of your playing, and I am really enjoying triptych. I am currently in the process of trying to get a bigger, darker sound on my alto. I ordered a short shank soloist and I have been emailing Fred Rast about opening it up. Fred was saying that you have tried a few different tip sizes, so I was wondering if you have any recommendations. What is your favorite tip opening to play on?

06.11.12Herman Tu

Hi im interested in purchasing the chart for "Stella by Starlight". I was wondering if you accept debit cards or is paypal required?


Good afternoon,
I was wondering what type of mouthpiece and reeds do you use? I really dig your sound and it looks to be the same one that kenny garrett uses, if I'm correct.

01.30.12Brian Barton

Can I please order the score for "Fields" from Triptych? Please let me know which email you use so I can send you the $5 through PayPal. Thank you,

01.16.12Manny Hagman

Huge fan

01.05.12justin newsom

hey man love your playing how much are your lessons im trying to improvise better with the element of feel that u bring that mix of the jazz but your tone is also incredible idk i need help i was just interested in your price?

09.30.11Craig Carri


Hi Justin,

I wrote to you a few weeks back looking for charts for 'Triptych' but I wasn't sure if I actually sent it to the right place. So, appologies if you've recieved this twice. Also, Paypal is perfect for me.




Hello, Justin!

I just listened your CD called Tryptich. It's great vision of music!
Can I ask, what horn do you playing, what mouthpiece?
And ask few questions about the Stella By Starlight arrangement?
It yours, right?

09.16.11Craig Carri

Hi Justin,

Could I please get a score for 'Triptych'? I'm hoping to perform it for one of my performance exams this year! Paypal is easier for me too. Keep up the great work,



07.28.11Miguel Angel Menchaca

I would really love some lessons and charts!!!!

07.04.11James Gardiner-Bateman

Hi Justin...

I'm an alto player stuidying in London at the moment .I'm gonna be in NYC from the 25th August - 25th September. Coulld I book a lesson with you sometime over that period...?

Look forward to hearing from you..


06.30.11Jesse Ryan

Hi Justin, I've been diggin your music for some time now and would like to do a couple skype lessons with you. What's availabilty and cost like? Looing forward to hearing from you. Blessings!

06.20.11Leszek Nowotarski

Hi, I love your music, I,m sax player from Poland, I'd like to buy your cd, but it is only for US citizens,
Is there any options you could send me mp3. I'll pay you in some way...
Sincerely, Leszek Nowotarski, leszeknowotarski.pl

06.09.11Devin McDaniel

Hi Justin, how much do you charge for video lessons?

04.27.11Jon Rickman

Glad to hear things are still going great! I remember spending the nights in the bandhall before region jazz band in high school, never knew we would be able to make such a great living doing what we love. Keep up the good things man, your really making a name for yourself!

04.13.11Michael Fatum

Dear Justin,

Hey. My name is Michael and I'm the booking agent at Tutuma Social Club.

The club owner told me you sat in the other night and sounded awesome and would love to have you in to play at Tutuma.

Shoot me an email back and we can wrap about the club and picking a date.


- Michael

PS: Your music is fantastic!!

04.07.11Charles Dickerson

I saw you play in at 55 and i was blown away. Great show...

03.30.11jason barrios

Hi Justin, I really enjoyed ur cd. I was wondering if oi could perchase some of ur charts and scores.

03.19.11Jonathan McNutt


We talked after your last day of teaching at Texas State about doing a lesson once you got back into Texas. I would like to do it in person rather than over the internet if possible. I have a car and can drive to Austin; I'm in Austin a few days a week usually anyway.

I can do:
Mon-after 2 pm
Tues-After 5
Wed-after 6
Thurs-after 3
Fri-after 2

If you can let me know about a time that might work as well as where to meet you. Also, how much do you charge for lessons?


03.07.11Adam castro

Since you will be at TX state this week I was wondering if your doing a show at sxsw or this weekend in Austin?

02.07.11John Awrey

Do you ever come to seattle and/or Vancouver?? I am based out of vancouver BC, am a huge fan of your playing and would love to see you live!!


01.26.11jason barrios

charts- Triptych, Nimbus, Stella by Starlight

01.24.11Jason Barrios

hey justin, im interested in buying three charts from you.

01.21.11David Groves

Hi Justin,
Could I grab the all the charts/scores from Triptych please? Loving the album!
I can do paypal if that's easiest.

09.29.10Benito G

Hey Justin, all is well for now, yeah we got to play some music soon, i've been wondering where you were, great music here on your site also, hope all is well w you bruh. b

09.26.10Floyd Elgar

Hi, mum was wondering how much your skype lessons were?

Thanks, peace!

(from U.K)

09.16.10Kyle Woodard

Hi Justin!

My name is Kyle, I am a 21 year-old alto saxophonist from Toronto Canada and a huge fan of your music! I'm writing you because I was wondering if you sell charts for your tunes? I'm performing several quartet/quintet pieces over the next couple months at my school and would love to play your compositions. The tune I had in mind was "One and Only". I'd greatly appeciaite any help you can offer! Hope to see your next album soon,

-Kyle Woodard

08.17.10rogier kwakkernaat

Hi Justin,
I love you sound and energy of your music, Thanks for that.
When are you planning to come over to play in Holland?
Keep me informed. I am sure I can bring a lot of guys over to see and hear you playing.

08.08.10Avia K. Dowden

I grew up with your Mom and Dad. Yes, Bruni! I am SO happy for you. Gotta go. Headed to iTunes to buy some of your "stuff"!!!


wow quite impressed you play beautifully glad to see you are doing really well for yourself a little bird told me about you on letterman looked you up to see how your musics been going can see you are very passionate about it, I see my son in band and i'm so proud of him i cant imagine the pride your family feels when they see you. play wish you the best in your journey i hope you do everything you hope to nice to see someone go after their dreams i admire you, glad to see you come home every now and then,

08.04.10melinda vague

are you playing in NYC anytime September 15 - 19??????

07.12.10john atkinson

is live at lavelee available for purchase?


Hey Man.... You sound Amazing. Your approach and every other aspect of your playing is wonderful man.... Please keep making the music you do! We need it!

01.01.10Melva Thompson

I was really impressed. I knew you were good, but not this good. I will have to introduce your music to some of my friends who love jazz. Good work.

10.28.09Gary Hatcher

Your father gave me a copy of Triptych that I have been listening to for the last couple of days.....outstanding. I was pleasantly surprised. I am a professor of art at UT Tyler and also a jazz guitar player and play with a group here in Tyler.
Met your father at Gruene at the Texas Clay Festival.
Wishing you all things good for your future.
Keep it going.

Best Regards,

10.10.09John Davis

Hey man, drummer John Davis here. I just got hipped to you through a guitar player friend of mine Craig Magnano. He played me a few of your songs and they were killin'!!


08.25.09Leo Robinson

I was painting (portrait) with cable TV JAzz station. When I heard "Fields". What a fresh sound Justin.

07.30.09jason Miles

very much enjoying your music.I\'m hearing it on Music choice.It has a very fresh feel to it and I like it
It reminds me alittle of the group Oregon (compliment)
best of luck
Peace, Jason Miles

07.02.09William Scharon

Hey Justin i really like your dynamic style and the varied ways you get into genres while staying original. that is what its about right? tell me is your Selmer Soloist refaced to a .90 tip more or lesssince that is what i hear? i may have some Rico brown box reeds somewhere around but i am not sure it is for alto sax. I read on the S.O.T.W. forum your into them so i will let you know.. by the way any recordings of Los Cuatro coming out? thanks and good luck Amigo.


continued success
one lov

05.11.09Gustavo Cabrera

Hey man,
Great stuff, I just 'discovered' you and I love your sound, very Kenny Garrett! I hope you come down to Chicago for a gig sometime...Peace

05.01.09Brock F


Great stuff! I'm glad to see all of the good thinigs going on for you! That ASCAP award is awesome. Congrats, man!

Keep it up!



hey man, love the album, really inspiring.Do you have any charts from any of the tracks from your album you could possibly send me? Especially your arrangement of Stella By Starlight, I'd love to try that arrangement out with my band.
Cheers Bro

05.01.09Dave Longoria

Hey Justin, Great Sounds! Really enjoyed the evening at the Victoria Jazz Festival. You guys sounded really great. Looking forward to your next show when you come in to town. Continue doing what seems to come natural to you. Looking forward to your next CD.

04.24.09James Harrington

Thoroughly enjoyed the performance Thur. night. Absolutely astounding! You guys cover a lot of rhythmic ground!
Again, lights out performance.


04.23.09Adrian Bartol

Waiting for those live recordings to be released!


Hi Justin,
I accidentally clicked into your site from facebook ad actually was my first time to hear your music. I did feel sad tonight for some reason but, your music made me feel relieved. :D
Thanks! Hope to listen to you live someday.

- Lena

04.21.09Will Eversden

I'd just like to know if Jojo Mayer will be playing drums for Justin on Thursday The 23rd in Austin at the Elephant room


04.19.09drmike of radioIO Real Jazz

Hello Justin.. Just reviewed the new Triptich cd.. fabulous. If listeners ask me who is baking the best contemporary jazz pie at this time.. i am sending them to you. Nice combination with Aaron Parks and the rest. Such a great collection of Real Jazz. Also, in the category of less is more, I loved the album artwork and inside liner and photo booklet.. You brought visual beauty in a simple and sophisticated manner while allowing the music to speak for itself.. so nice!.. drmike, host of radioIO Real Jazz

03.29.09Brian Patneaude


Downloaded your record from eMusic this morning and have been enjoyig it. Great stuff.

Brian Patneaude


Yo Justin - great playing last night at the fat cat.
Let's hang out soon.



03.02.09chris hunt

hi justin, are you still booking your dnb festival?
if you are, i have a live act called system.obsolete in atlanta that you may find worthy of your event....

let me know what you think,


can we get a monthly gig out of your quartet?

thanx and hope to hear from you soon.


02.18.09Christi O.

Fantastic,inspirational sound. Beyond proud of you-but I always have been. Think the rest of the world is discovering what I've always known.

02.13.09Jake Rommer

Hi Justin just wanted to say I love your music. i hail from the uk and its phenomenal. I have seen Janek play a few times here in UK and am currently a music student in uk obsessed with jazz composition and improvisation, i peronally play guitar and just wanna say love your improvisations both tonally and melodically. Great compositions too, Get over to the UK soon!


02.07.09Charles Fannin

I met you at One World Theatre last night and hope to get more information about any future shows here in Austin. Let me know! Oh, and lots of people after the show were asking about you, so I told them all to Google your name. Charles

01.25.09Paul Deemer

I'm excited for your album to come out, its sounds great! Shoot me an email when its released when you get the chance.


01.07.09Nat Janoff


Great to meet you last night!

Maybe there is some way to do a session sometime.



01.06.09Albert Garza

Hey Justin, we've met a few times @ Carmen's, I check your site frequently and am looking forward to your CD release, I'm based in London, England and book music for a new jazz club, please get in touch if you are out this way, hopefully chat to you sometime. www.albertgarzamusic.com

12.06.08Josef Butts

I am the guy who talked to betweem songs at the Congress St. outdoor gig. I really enjoyed your playing. I see that you went to UT. I am just finishing up my first semester in the Jazz DMA program -double bass. I hope that we can play together some time.

Josef Butts

10.21.08Brandon Wright

Hey Justin,
Hope to hear in person sometime.

Brandon Wright


Hi there.

I saw an video post on ytube when you swinged around in a studio with mayer and Gwizdala.

New electro album on the G?

08.31.08Simon Wiskowski

Hey Justin, I'm a junior this year at UT. I'm a jazz sax major and I love your playing. I was wondering if you are still around austin , and if so if you would be available for lessons. let me know...

all the best

06.27.08Becky Logue

Hey Justin, is this you? I just decided to google your name and see what came up and there you were! I haven't been teaching is Texas for 8 years and am living in switzerland. Send me an email and let me know if this is really the justin that I so fondly remember-Becky

06.25.08Marissa Vanelli

Well hey to you!! Love the site. I do some traveling for work and so does the doc I work with. I think he'd really love your sound and I'd really love to meet up with you sometime! You ever think of coming to memphis? Let me know how to get my hands on a cd of yours :o)

06.13.08Bryan Wilson

Hey man,
When are you coming to Jacksonville, Florida

05.09.08Walter Smith III

whats up justin? sounded good the other night...look forward to checking out the records when they come out man. Like what youve done with the site. talk to you in a minute...

04.30.08Christi Orchard

Your website is really great! Your music is even better. Proud of you.

04.30.08Jenny Gabbert

I am a friend of your Mom. She sent the link to me, and it is wonderful!!! I get to hear your music often when I am with her, but this was really Neat!!! Congrats justin! Keep up the good work!!!

04.19.08Scott Pazera

Yo Justin. Man I am really digging the stuff you did with Janek. When is your stuff going to be ready? Also, is there a full video of that lA Ve Lee show floating around? Peace.

03.22.08Ken Laster

Great show at 55bar a couple of nights ago. You are a helluva alto player. Glad to have the opportunity to meet you in person. Don't forget to hook me up with a CD when you can. Check out my site to see my jazz show and podcast. My contact info is there as well.


03.14.08phil dipietro


02.22.08Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

I stumbled across your myspace and loved the tracks. killin arrangements, sick ideas. hope to hear more of you soon.



01.29.08Jay Harvey

Justin , I work with your dad and he told me about your web-site so I thought i would check it out....Man your music is great...I had no idea johnny had such a talented musican for a son...isn't it great to being doing what you love to do for a living...it shows in your music.....keep up the good work....jay harvey

01.25.08Adrian Ruiz

Congratulations on your most recent musical accolades, Justin. Sure do miss you around Texas but am extremely happy that you are creating on such a high artistic level. I'm proud of you and honored to have had the opportunity to perform with you and learn from you in the past.

Adrian Ruiz


good for you justin! EVERYTHING is ROCKING ON THIS SITE. thanks for the giant steps transcription. i've always loved that solo. looking forward to the album.

01.10.08Adrian Hernandez


Great to see you out there doing it. Some great tracks on the website and I really digg the stuff. Love the website too!! Also, let me know if you are every in the Baltimore/DC area playing a gig or around. Definitely wouldn't miss you in action.


12.28.07Michael Mota

Yo Justin, missed you at Christmas but understand that you have some exciting things coming up. Look forward to the CD and pops showed us the pics - you look good!
Best in the new year and we will be watching and listening - hope to see ya soon (on stage)

Michael, edilia and Nick!

11.26.07john vasquez

your music here is fantastic. keep up the great work. excellent job on this site.


Thanks Pops!

the younger jv

11.26.07YO MAMA

yo Man, killin it!
can't wait to hear your record.


11.25.07Courtney Carr

Well done Justin! This website looks awesome and I love your new music! Congrats!!


11.25.07Mace Hibbard

Justin, The site looks great. I look forward to the album


Site looks and sounds great bro!!

11.24.07that's miss michelle to you

Great show at the Potato last time. I miss living next door to you! Maybe in NY... See ya later!

10.12.07David Pittel

Cool website and amazing music man. Hope to catch you again soon cause last time was killin!

10.06.07charisma bosquez

What's up, shaggy! I was going through some old cd's and ran across one of our old stroman concert recordings. in fact it was the one featuring harvey pittel. got to listening and wondered what became of you. well found you here. wanted to congratulate you on your accomplishments. always new you'd go far. all's well here, residing in austin with my finace and working for at&t, moving up the corp ladder slowly. hope you're doing well keep in touch.