08.01.11First episode of The Live Archive Podcast!

The first episode of The Live Archive Podcast with Janek Gwizdala is ready for download! So much good rare material on this debut. Be sure to subscribe and let me know what you guys think.

07.17.11New Podcast with Janek Gwizdala

I'm streaming live with Janek Gwizdala at 8pm CST tonight on our new podcast where we play and discuss rare live recordings by everyone from Michael Brecker to Michael Jackson.

Check back for more details soon...

09.14.10New Live Videos

Added new videos in the Janek Gwizdala Project section.

08.20.10Letterman with VV Brown

Added video of Justin playing with VV Brown on David Letterman show in Videos section

02.03.10Triptych named 10 Top of the Year in Pop Journalism

01.17.10Triptych named 10 Top of the Year by Bill Milkowski

10.05.09JazzTimes Review of Triptych

"An impressive first statement by this promising newcomer."

09.18.09Urban Music Scene Review of Triptych

"A breakout album for the young saxophonist on the rise."

09.01.09New Face of Jazz

Look for Justin in the upcoming book The New Face of Jazz by Cicily Janus. Features interviews from hundreds of living jazz musicians, festivals, clubs, and schools.

08.22.09Open Letter from Mingus to Miles i

I found this letter from Charles Mingus to Miles Davis in the Downbeat Archives. Mingus perfectly captures what we do as musicians and artists. Moving stuff...



I'm going to start releasing podcasts beginning next month. I'd like to do a mix of playing some tunes, talking about what I'm working on, things I'm listening to etc.. but also answer questions from listeners. If you have any specific questions you'd like answered, you can email them to me at questions@justinvasquez.com.

08.10.09All Music Review of Triptych

"It's the rare young jazz innovator who can provoke a probe into ancient history as he's committed to propelling his chosen art form towards a bright future."

08.04.09Finding the B-Spot Review

Another Review of Triptych

07.18.09Justin on BET

Look for Justin on BET Jamz with Marcus Miller, Terence Blanchard, Joe Sample and Marilyn Scott in September!

05.10.09Interview and Artist of the Month at Jazz Monthly

An interview Justin did with Jazz Monthly for their "Artist of the Month" feature.

03.24.09Triptych Featured in July Issues of Downbeat, Jazziz, and Jazz Times

Triptych will be featured in the June issues of Downbeat, Jazziz, and Jazz Times. Keep and eye out!

02.28.09Change The Face Of Independent Music With Art on Earth

The Art on Earth Music Store is fully controlled by the artists who sell their music. Every aspect of an artists catalog is fully administered by the artists themselves. Your music is always available for download wherever you are. The music is DRM-free and plays on all mp3-players. Artists sell & price own music. No need to download anything. Everything is done in browser.

Visit www.artonearth.com and change the face of independent music.

02.28.09Austin Drum and Bass Festival

Justin will be hosting a Drum and Bass Festival in Austin this year which will feature popular local bands as well as his band with Jojo Mayer, Janek Gwizdala, and Peter Stoltzman. It will take place in late spring. Stay in touch for more infomation.

02.08.09"Fields" Wins ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award

I was happy to hear that my composition "Fields" from my upcoming debut album "Triptych" won the ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award this year. I'm amazed at the journey of a simple melody I wrote sort of unconsciously while on the phone with my mother to the ears of people at a performance or even the judges at ASCAP.

01.26.09Debut Album - Triptych

Triptych is a new multi-album project by saxophonist/composer Justin Vasquez that draws from jazz, contemporary, groove, Drum and bass, jungle, classical, country, singer/songwriter aesthetics and melds them together to create an undefinable yet instantly recognizable sound. Available Spring '09.

01.26.09Justin Vasquez Rico Performing Artist

I have been playing almost exclusively in Rico reeds my whole life and I'm happy to announce my recent endorsement with them. I look forward to playing on them for many years to come.


12.26.08Creating Music and Improvisation

Here's a thread I started with some of my thoughts about improvisation.

07.26.08Two Giants Lost

The world lost two musical giants in the last few days. Johnny Griffin on Monday and Hiram Bullock only last night. Both were huge influences on me early on.

Once I became obsessed with jazz at 11 or 12, I picked up every Blue Note record I could find (Blue Note was the only jazz label I knew...) I found Introducing Johnny Griffin. I lived with the album for a while after that transcribing every note I could though much of it was hopelessly faster than I could play at that point. Thanks for the notes Johnny.

I remember listening to Hiram's solos on a road trip across the country I took with a friend of mine. Can't count how many times I listened to that solo on Live and More or "I Shot the Sheriff". Hiram exuded soul, funk, and never failed an audience. Thanks for the notes Hiram...

03.14.08Live at the 55 Bar Review

All About Jazz Review by Phil DiPietro

02.14.08Janek Gwizdala Live at the 55 Bar

Janek Gwizdala Band Live at the 55 Bar is now available on cd. The band features Tim Miller on guitar, Elliot Mason on trombone and bass trumpet, Brad Mason on trumpet and flugelhorn, Janek Gwizdala on Bass, Tobias Ralph on drums and myself on alto saxophone. The music is a mix of modern grooves fused with jazz improvisation. It can be purchased through the 55 Bar online store.